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The Great Dane, a breed of very large, powerful working dogs, was developed in Europe more than 400 years ago. The average Great Dane dog may stand as high as 36 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 190 lbs.  Its short, dense, glossy coat may be brindle, fawn, blue, black, or the combination of white with black patches that is called harlequin. Although its origins are obscure, dogs of similar appearance were depicted in the art of ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Despite the name, the Great Dane in its present-day form is of German development, and records testify to its use as a boarhound in the 16th cent. in that country. Today it is raised for show competition and is also valued as a gentle, devoted pet.The chart below is our Great Dane growth chart based on average rate of growth for a Great Dane. Every dog is different and develops at his or her own rate. Keep your Dane lean, properly nourished and cared for. Don’t worry how big or small, at what age, let them reach their full grown size naturally. Remember, every Great Dane is different and the final size and weight of a full grown adult is based on its litter’s lineage.



Great Dane average growth size:

Birth weight  1-2 lbs                         1 week  2-3 lbs
2 weeks 3-5 lbs                                3 weeks 4-7
1 month 5-8 lbs                                6 weeks 10-20 lbs
4 months 45-65 lbs                          6 months 25-32 inches 55-85 lbs
1 year 28-36 inches 80-145 lbs

Males     32-36 inches
125-175 lbs
Females     29-33 inches
100-145 lbs



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